Priceless support during a Period of Rapid Growth

“Jill came to our business at the perfect time and has been such an asset in ushering my company to the next level. Talman was experiencing rapid growth, and while exhilarating, it was also intimidating as a young business owner. Jill helped foster focus to the bigger picture while also guiding me through the next stage of leading my company. She has been an invaluable resource to me and my leadership team.”

— Katherine Latham, CEO and Co-Founder of Talman Consultants, Inc.

Helping Our Team Become More Effective

“Working with Jill is a pleasure. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach. She listens well and picks up on the dynamics of our team and has been very flexible in accommodating what our organization needs. In addition to the work with our leadership team, she is also providing one-on-one coaching, which for the individuals she’s working with has been insightful. Like a good counselor or coach, she provides a lens through which we become more self-aware and effective as leaders.”

— Peter G. Smith, President and CEO of BWBR

Turning Great Ideas into a Reality

“At Home Run Inn we've learned that coming up with great ideas and good strategic direction isn't that hard. Many companies have great ideas, but the real the challenge in leadership is can you communicate and execute on those ideas? Execution is the difference between an average company and a great company that can scale. Jill has been instrumental in helping our organization understand and learn the concepts and tools necessary to execute our plans and visions. I've never been more optimistic about our company's growth trajectory as I am now with Jill as our coach.”

— Daniel P. Costello, CEO of Home Run Inn

building a High-Performance Team

“Jill recently facilitated a High-Performance Leadership Team Workshop for our Executive Leadership Team. The issues we uncovered and the progress we made far exceeded my expectations, and I’m now looking ahead with more hope and clarity. Thank you!”

— Heidi Weber, President and CEO Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund

A Jump-Start to Growing Our Business

“Jill recently spent a day with our Leadership Team and led us through some practical, thought-provoking exercises. Her poised professional style enlisted our trust and resulted in some compelling discussions regarding our business strategy and teamwork. She skillfully guided us to deeper conversations than we would have achieved on our own. After some follow-up work internally, we’re anxious to have her back to take a deeper dive into other areas of our business. I highly recommend the book Scaling Up and follow-up sessions with Jill as a way to jump-start growing your business.”

— Brian May, President of Grayhill, Inc.

Guiding Your Team to Achieve More

“If you are looking for focused perspective coupled with tremendous experience, Jill is the perfect coach for you. I’ve found this type of advisor invaluable. She knows the issues you are facing and has the interpersonal skills to help you guide your management team to achieve more.”

— Larry Kugler, CEO of Millard Group

A Proven Process for Strategic Planning

“Jill has been an incredible resource though our strategic planning process. The entire team has been very impressed with her thoughtfulness, professionalism and ability to get to the heart of the issues and to help us create strategic, measurable goals around those issues. With her guidance we were able to spend less time in the planning process and move onto implementation more quickly and effectively.”

— Lisa Pickell, President of Orren Pickell Building Group

Creating a Roadmap for Growth

“Jill has been a wonderful asset to me and my company. Her thoughtful and targeted approach to strategic planning has been insightful, effective and truly inspirational. She holds me accountable to the work that needs to be accomplished and is flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen circumstances with solutions to adapt. Jill has pinpointed threats, and other challenges of business ownership which has enabled us to identify a targeted plan for growth of my business. Her broad and unbiased visions are not myopic which has truly helped me to focus and design objectives for 2 years, 5 years and the future potential sale of the company.”

— Mindy Berkson, CEO of Newborn Advantage