Why Are Core Values So Important?

As Jim Collins says in Good to Great, “you cannot set organizational values, you can only discover them. Nor can you instill new core values into people. Instead, the task is to find people who are predisposed to sharing your core values.”

It’s so true. Your core values are WHO you are as a company and WHO you are as a leader — the DNA you all share. It’s what makes the organization tick. And without shared core values, there can be no alignment, and without alignment businesses cannot grow.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Would you fire your star player – even a family member – if he or she didn’t abide by the core values?
  2. Are your core values on a nice plaque in the reception area or are they really immersed in the company culture?
  3. What questions are you asking in the hiring process to assess alignment with your core values?
  4. How often are employees demonstrating your core values given recognition?
  5. Can every employee recite your core values?

 It’s important that I practice what I preach, so I’m sharing my core values with you.

Jill Belconis Enterprises, LLC Core Values:

  • Encourage Lifelong Learning: Having a thirst for knowledge
  • Show Respect: Don’t tolerate injustice
  • Be Authentic: Adopt transparency
  • Embrace Servant Leadership: Infectiously commit to the growth of others
  • Live Healthy: Inspire happiness and well-being
  •  Accelerate Action: Be decisive

Having core values in place provides a solid foundation from which a company can grow and scale. Without them, you risk instability, misalignment and lost opportunity.  Working as a team, we can identify actions to make your core values truly alive in your organization.

Do you have a great story to share about core values and your company? Comment below or email me at jill@jillbelconis.com