Are You Trapped in the Shiny Object Syndrome?

We’ve all been guilty of it. We’re making solid progress on a goal, putting in the up-front work and watching it move from idea to execution. Then something new comes along — a fresh idea, interesting project or new marketing strategy that suddenly grabs our time and attention. 

This is the Shiny Object Syndrome…it’s the Disease of Distraction! It may be what’s preventing you from successfully scaling your business. You not only confuse your team, you may burn through cash and you’re often jumping ship before realizing any meaningful results.

shiny object.jpg

At last week’s ScaleUp Summit in Denver, we heard it over and over again from every speaker: Pick one thing, become the best at it and win the Gold Medal. Focus on less and then obsess!

Amazon is a perfect example. They didn’t start out being the massive online marketplace they are now. Remember, their original vision was simple: Be the world’s best online bookseller. They focused on books only and did it exceptionally well. 

The same is true of Apple. When Steve Jobs was getting ready to unveil the iPhone, he already had the iPad in development. But he chose to put the iPad on the back burner and laser focus on revolutionizing the mobile phone. His singular vision paved the way to one of the greatest business successes in history. 

Take a look at your company. Are you focused on being truly exceptional at one thing or are you all over the place, trying to be all things to all people? Take a look at your website. What is your home page telling your customers and potential employees?

Regardless, I challenge you to identify your gold medal, make sure your entire team is aligned and then pursue it with everything you’ve got.