Ready to Measure your Employees’ Engagement?

We’re currently in one of the most competitive job markets in history. Top talent has become a precious commodity, and the ability to recruit and retain A-players can be a differentiator between a stagnant or declining company and one that is vibrant and poised for growth. 


According to a recent study by IBM’s Smarter Workforce, 1 in 6 employees are actively looking for a new job and 46% of employees would consider a better job opportunity even if they weren’t actively looking. 

Bottom line: Employees need good reasons to stay in their jobs beyond compensation and benefits. They want to feel connected to the organization, its mission and their role in the bigger picture. They need to feel engaged. 

How would you rate your team’s engagement? Do you have an unbiased, proven tool for measuring engagement? Are you seeking the truth or are you settling for what your employees think you want to hear?


Engagement Multiplier™ provides business leaders with a framework for measuring engagement, setting goals and tracking progress. This is a powerful tool for leaders serious about creating high-performing teams and executing on strategic growth plans.  

Fully engaged organizations will experience dramatic results. Morale goes up when people feel they’re being heard, supported and empowered. Team members are far less likely to leave if the feel connected to their organization. And the entire company becomes more productive when employees care about their work, your products and services, and your customers.

Take a look at Engagement Multiplier™. Start by taking the free 10-minute overview survey, which will give you a window into the framework and the data it gathers. Then have your entire organization take the first survey for free. Your employees can be assured that their responses are anonymous. You’ll receive a detailed report of where you stand on the engagement scale, with suggested areas of improvement. This is a simple first step in measuring your employees’ engagement. 

Take the survey.

You can have the best product or service, boldest vision and most thoughtful strategic plan, but do you have the engaged, aligned team to execute? Engagement Multiplier™ will help pave the way. Reach out to give it a try.