Who’s ready to hit the ground running in 2018?

Are you going to reach your 2017 growth targets? Were you and your team focused on all the right actions this year to meet your goals? Did you stick to your plan? Was it really a plan or just a long to-do list?

The 4th Quarter of 2017 is fast approaching. What does success look like in 2018? 20% annual growth, 10% increase in margins, 2 times cash flow, double the number of “A” player employees, record number of customer acquisitions and retention and additional new markets and products/services? What can you do now to set yourself up to achieve those goals in 2018?

retreat copy.jpeg

If you’re ready to make a significant impact in 2018, I highly recommend scheduling a multi-day, offsite retreat with your leadership team NOW. The retreat should combine strategic thinking with execution planning—both equally important if you really want to accomplish your goals.

Do you think you’re too busy for all your executive team to be out of the office for two days? If you spend all your time working IN the business, then who is working ON the business?

During the retreat, you will get clarity on your strategy and buy-in from your team. You’ll answer or reconfirm the “who we are,” what we “should/shouldn’t do,” “why we exist,” “who is the customer we serve today (and tomorrow),” “what trends will affect us,” “where are our roadblocks” and so many more questions.

Using the Rockefeller Habits, which more than 40,000 business leaders have relied on to grow their businesses, will ensure an outcome with everyone on the same page. There will be a clear plan for the next 3-5 years and specific priorities for 2018 with assigned accountabilities and metrics for each.


After the retreat, you’ll continue to focus on the priorities set for the first quarter and cascade them down to every individual in the company. Each successive quarter, you will set the next priorities based on the annual targets. Taking it 90 days at a time creates a built-in finish line that moves the business closer and closer to your one-year goals. You’ll also set a rhythm for your internal meetings—from daily huddles to weekly and monthly meetings. This cadence is essential to ensure alignment, collaboration and accountability.

Done right, the strategic and execution planning process can be fun, energizing and incredibly valuable for the business and each team member. Most importantly, it creates a specific and shared roadmap for achieving your company’s growth goals.

So, get ready for 2018! “All you need is your plan, the roadmap and your team to lead you to your destination.”