What’s The #1 Roadblock to Growing Your Business?

I hear it constantly: “There aren’t enough hours in the day.” 

Do you find it hard to concentrate and stay focused because there’s just too much to do? Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about how you’re going to manage everything? Is your calendar booked solid every day?

What if I told you that the #1 roadblock to growing your business is something YOU can control? The answer is simple… DELEGATE!! There is no way you can scale the business if everything depends on YOU. 

delegate quote.jpg

I know…You can do it better. You can do it faster. As leaders, we’re perfectionists and control freaks; but that interferes with reaching our goals. It’s time to let go and start trusting others.

How do you get started? First, start documenting all of your processes so that others can carefully follow your lead. Next, assess your team. Do you have the “right people on the bus”? Who’s the right person to delegate each project or task?

A few more things to remember: 

  • Delegate 100% of the responsibility, not just a portion of the work. If you’re still involved, you’re not truly transferring ownership.
  • Be specific when giving instructions. Clearly articulate your expectations.
  • Create timelines and milestones.
  • Make sure there are scheduled check-ins (AND not initiated by you!).
  • Clarify any budget constraints.
  • Communicate it’s OK to reach out for help, but beware of the person who tries to do a “reverse delegation!”

Your “A players” can’t wait to have projects delegated to them. In fact, if you ask them what they can take off your plate, I bet they have a whole list. Once they accomplish the delegated work, it’s so important to publicly recognize them. They need to feel appreciated and rewarded for their great efforts — and you want the rest of the team stepping up. 

When you implement these delegation strategies and start making others on the team accountable, you will scale the business and find the freedom and growth you’re seeking.