Take a moment to step back and look at your company’s performance. Are you hitting your growth targets? Do you have a strategic plan — and do you stick to it? Are you really scaling at your full potential?   

If you’re ready to accelerate profitable growth, Jill is ready to help. The How to (Profitably) Scale Your Company Workshop is an interactive one-day workshop based on the proven models of Scaling Up, Rockefeller Habits 2.0 and other strategic planning and execution systems.

During the workshop, Jill will take leadership teams through the critical decisions that all business face, including:


Attract and retain the Right People

  • Become a magnet for A-players
  • Align your team around core values and purpose

Create a truly Differentiated Strategy

  • Clarify your brand promise
  • Determine your 3 to 5-year key strategies

Drive Flawless Execution

  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Set meeting rhythms to keep your team aligned and motivated

Have Plenty of Cash

  • Accelerate cash flow to fuel your growth
  • Re-evaluate and improve your business model

Energizing, interactive and actionable, this fast-paced workshop give your team the roadmap you need to take the company to new heights. 

Let's get to work!

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“ Jill’s thoughtful and targeted approach to strategic planning has been insightful, effective and truly inspirational. Jill has pinpointed threats, and other challenges of business ownership which has enabled us to identify a targeted plan for growth of my business. Her broad and unbiased visions are not myopic which has truly help me to focus and design objectives for 2 years, 5 years as well as future potential sale of the company.”
— CEO/President